Why Living in Grand Rapids Is A Good Idea

Some places in the United States are hyped up as being the best, most well-endowed places. However, these places tend to have a lot of problems. For example, places like the New York Metropolitan area have a lot of crime, pollution and a lack of certain social values that some people crave. These types of places usually tend to be crowded with people. Any amount of space and/or security costs a lot of money. A small step up in living quality ends in a huge jump up in price.

There is so much selection in places like New York when it comes to goods and services, but a lot of times it can be overwhelming. In fact, there are a lot of conveniences in New York that people don’t really need in order to have a fulfilling life. Most people may not fully use most of the amenities that exist in a place like New York.

Other places that seem less endowed are actually just as good to live in as New York, if not better. If you want to live in a place with a decent number of amenities, you do not have to live in New York. In fact, there are plenty of smaller and less hyped cities that provide people with everything that they need. Grand Rapids is one of those cities.

In 2017, U.S. News ranked Grand Rapids as being in 19th place for “America’s Best Places To Live.” This is because a reasonable, affordable quality of life is available for those who seek it out. When anonymous commentators talk about Grand Rapids on online forums, people generally have good things to say about the area. They talk about how much safer, pleasant and affordable it is—especially when comparing it to more expensive areas of the country. There are plenty of good FSBO Grand Rapids deals for people who want to go there. People who have lived and grown up around there talk about feeling relatively safe and going to good schools. Grand Rapids has plenty of stores and amenities.

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Michigan has the reputation of being a red state. The state of Michigan is known for having predominantly white and Christian populations. There are many discussions online about whether Grand Rapids is conservative or liberal. The impression that one gets from these discussions is that Grand Rapids tends to be conservative—especially when you compare it to the most liberal places of the United States. However, it is a city, and cities tend to be hot beds for liberal politics to some extent or another. Also, as time goes on the younger generations tend to be more liberal. Cities also tend to be places where ethnic, ideological, lifestyle and racial minorities go—groups that veer toward the more liberal end of the political spectrum. However, the direction seems to depend on which area of greater metropolitan area you are talking about. Some parts of Grand Rapids are more liberal, and some parts are more on the conservative end.